Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Salt and pepper diamonds have both white and black inclusions with clarity, unlike raw grey diamonds that an over all grey tone.  The natural pattern of the black and white inclusions give dimension and depth with the facets of the diamond. Shown above in our Othello setting and in a "Y" necklace with white diamonds accents.  For more information on our salt and pepper diamond pieces email us at info@shopvale.com

Friday, March 27, 2015


We love creating unique and one of a kind engagement rings.  This Ra Diamond Ring makes a great unique engagement ring.  Wedding and anniversary bands will fit perfectly with this double banded ring.  Its an ideal style for the girl who wants to mix and match and build a stack without a large diamond in the way. 

Friday, March 13, 2015


Gabrielle Union wearing our Conduit Ring, Corset Ring, Esprit Ring in white gold to NFW.  

Ke$ha wearing our Tiny Side Star Necklace, 7-Diamond Bar Necklace, Chain-Thru Triangle Necklace!
Zanna Roberts Rassi wearing our Corset Ring on the set of E! news.  
Martha Hunt wearing our 7-Diamond Bar Necklace and Rectangle Plate Necklace!
Lena Dunham wearing our Lily Ring, Band Segment Ring, and Black Diamond Wrap Ring!
Behati Prinsloo wearing our 7-Daimond Bar Necklace in Victoria's Secret! 


We love working with opal.  We select each piece we work with carefully and ensure that it is pure opal that has not been doubleted with onyx or wood to really allow the true internal glow unique to each piece.  We love the fire and colors opal produces and the way it shines paired back to a simple gold setting.  

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Anniversary bands are a great way to mix up your wedding set while adding a mile-mark to your relationship.  We love anniversary bands with texture and dimension that add depth to a wedding set.  When Diane Von Furstenburg married Barry Diller in 2001 he gave her 26 wedding bands to represent the 26 years that they weren't married… a girl can dream.  Here are some of our favorite rings that work as great anniversary bands.  
Crown Diamond Eternity Ring
Stardust Diamond Ring
Pave Arc Ring
Bubble Diamond Eternity Ring

Lunette Diamond Eternity Ring
Eclipse Black and White Diamond Ring
Garland Diamond Ring


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