Thursday, August 28, 2014


Our 14K Earring Chain can be added to any pair of earrings.  It can be worn on a single earring or put on your multiple piercings.  It can also be worn hanging. We recommend wearing the chain on one ear for a simple asymmetric look.  

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Here are some of our favorite Instagram posts from August. #valejewelry
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Monday, August 25, 2014


The 14K Poppy Rings are our newest dainty obsession.  This ring comes in white diamond, black diamond, champagne diamond, and ruby.  The stone is surrounded by a milgrain that gives the ring a texture and a slightly vintage feel.  Like the seeds of the poppy flower the rings stand out on the finger.  When put together they remind us of scattered flowers in a poppy field.  They look great stacked together or worn alone. 
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Thursday, August 21, 2014


14K Lavender Grey Diamond Necklace $3250
This necklace is made with gorgeous faceted raw grey diamond clusters.  The diamonds are individually ball-tipped drops which allow each diamond to move gracefully. The little diamonds move beautifully along the neckline allowing the facets on the stones reflect little sparkles of light.  The most subtle shine but can be worn daily or as a statement necklace. The little clusters of diamonds remind us of the growth of purple petals of the lavender flowers.  

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


We love the Baby Heart Choker Necklace! It has been one of our most popular necklaces for the last ten years.  This necklace is a favorite of Kelly Ripa and Sarah Jessica Parker.  They both wear this necklace at our standard choker length of 15.5".  At this length it just grazes the clavicle. We always recommend our clients measure the short necklaces they own to compare the length to this choker size. You can also order 16", 17" and 18" on our website(see link below).  The heart is puffed and hand formed on the top and flat on the bottom so it lays nicely on the skin.  Keep in mind mind all necklaces move while being worn, but heart is soldered to the chain so it will stay in the center. This necklace is durable and great for daily wear.  Many of our clients live in this necklace everyday and never take it off.  It can be worn to the gym and in the shower because it is made out of 14K gold, meaning not this necklace is not gold plated, filled, or vermeil.  For any other information on this necklace email us at  


Platinum and diamond wedding band.  
Two sided diamond horse shoe necklace (one side white diamonds, the other side black diamonds)
White gold and black diamond chain and circle ring.  
Bezeled diamond baguette rings.
White gold high polished and matte waved men's wedding band.
Diamond and sapphire stick earrings.  
Hanging tag midi ring.
18K Champagne diamond engagement ring.  
Three raw grey diamonds necklace.
Pink spinel and diamond ring.

These are just a few of the many custom projects we make.  We love making custom, one of a kind pieces for our clients.  For info on custom projects or any of the pieces pictured above email us at

Monday, August 18, 2014


14K Snake Stud Earrings $315
Pavé Snake Necklace $1250
14K Serpent Necklace $275

14K Kaa Snake Ring $350

The symbol of the snake has always been a popular motif in jewelry.  During the Victorian era the snake became popular when Prince Albert gave Victoria a snake ring with emeralds.  The snake was often seen biting its tail symbolizing eternal love.  We love to collect vintage pieces and often take inspiration from them to make modern designs. These subtle snake pieces will add a little bit of edge to your wardrobe while still being feminine and delicate.  


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